• SPAR university will help Hospitals!

SPAR university will help Hospitals!

SPAR university will help Hospitals!

Bunnik – Monday March 16, 2020

SPAR university will help hospitals!

SPAR university does not want to sit back, but instead wants to be proactive and contribute to what might be the biggest international crisis of the decade. SPAR university has decided to make their team-members available for hospitals and/or other organisations. SPAR university is located close to a lot of (academic) hospitals and was confronted with (almost) complete closure of the ten stores on the 13th of March, due to the decision of parliament to educate online from now on.

Coordinate happy teams
SPAR university will play a coordinating role – where requested – between hospitals, healthcare and organisations, and the world of students. This means that SPAR university will ask colleagues in the field to apply their team members and make them available to help. SPAR university is, at this moment, one of the first in the brand that is confronted with closing stores. The catering industry has been confronted with closing too as of yesterday.

How great would it be to contribute to the possible future shortage of people working in hospitals? Or help a foundation like the Red Cross to face the challenges they are facing?

Sign up on the website

SPAR university has ten stores on the campus of Utrecht (UMC), Amsterdam (VUmc and AMC), Rotterdam (EMC), Delft, Eindhoven (JBZ of St. Anna) and Nijmegen (Radboud hospital). SPAR university asks all ‘corona-breakout management teams’ of hospitals to sign up so SPAR university could provide a possible intermediate role. It is time to prepare and train team members. We are stronger together!

SPAR university asks other companies where operational activities are shut down to sign up with possible team members to increase the group of people who are able to help. You can sign up on the website: www.www.spartb.nl/vriendentegencorona/. The website provides the possibility for people who offer to help, and people who need help to sign up for free, as a company or institution. The platform: “friends against corona” can be found on LinkedIn.

How will it work? SPAR university is already in touch with a few hospitals, and wants to get in touch with more, to get a better understanding of the work that could possibly be done by students and/or other team members. SPAR university thinks simple tasks like bringing food to people, replenishing stocks, disinfecting, administrative tasks, etc. could be done by non-qualified healthcare personnel.

In this way, nurses will have the ability to do the real and crucial parts of their job. Teams from catering companies or SPAR university can also help institutions by Skyping or calling the elderly, do groceries or entertain kids from parents who have vital professions. It is also possible for team members of SPAR university and catering companies to work at companies that are crucial in this phase: for example other supermarkets.

Back to happy open campuses

SPAR university realises that this is all an ‘out of the box’ idea, but needs must. SPAR university cannot and will not merely watch how others help to control the situation. It is also in our interest to return to happy open campuses as quickly as possible. SPAR university likes ‘doing things’, especially during this peculiar and extreme situation. Let healthy, happy team members from companies who are forced to stay home, use their hours somewhere else. That’s smart, simple, quick to realise and will make sure that The Netherlands fight together against the coronavirus.

That asks a lot from SPAR university… Is that even possible? There are probably a lot of obstacles ahead of us, but SPAR university rather sees an interesting challenge with a beautiful end goal: contribute to the medical staff in the healthcare and survive this time by being quick, smarter and together. And how wonderful is it to use the enthusiasm of our happy teams and help other people? SPAR university is willing to do whatever it takes… who will join us? Every bit helps in times like these.

Are you someone who offers to help? Or someone who needs help? Then please sign up via www.www.spartb.nl/vriendentegencorona.

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